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Catering Safety & CoronaVirus

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Safe Catering and Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

The most important thing that we do as a company to protect our customers, is to provided our employees with a medical plan and paid sick leave, so that they will get proper medical care and stay home when they are sick.  We have received many inquiries lately asking what we can do to ensure that guests at catered events feel safe.  It is important that we do everything that we can to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  Below are some creative steps that we recommend to our clients to keep their event safe and delicious.  

Arista Asian to go catering

Individual To Go Portions

This picture features our Asian Fusion buffet.  Instead of it being on a large open buffet, we portion each serving to go so that the guest doesn't have to touch anyone a common serving spoon.

Box Lunches

We are a proponent of box lunch style of meals whenever possible.  We also have the ability to provide box breakfasts and salad boxes.  Our menu only lists sandwiches, but we frequently provide box lunches for hot entrees as well.  Ask your sales consultant.  

Safe food catering coronavirus

Gloves & Handwashing

Granted, Covid-19 is not a food born illness, but anytime we bring our guests together, we increase the chance of contamination.  Hand washing and minimal face touching is an obvious problem especially when guests share utensils and serving tools.  

buffet attendant

Serving Professional to Portion

We are happy to provide a person to portion each guests meal so they don't have to touch anything on the buffet except their own food. While our employees always wear gloves, they will gladly wear surgical face masks upon request.